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Turlin Moor Community School

High Expectations lead to High Achievers

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Turlin Moor Community School

Turlin Road

Turlin Moor 


BH16 5AH


Telephone:  01202 685459



Executive Headteacher: Mrs A Prout

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs H Easthope

Bursar: Mrs J Chamberlain

Chair of Governors: Mrs K Mason


For all general enquiries, please contact the school office or



The vast majority of complaints can be resolved quickly and easily.

If your matter relates to a pupil, please raise it with the Class Teacher first.
If they cannot help with your concern, or you are not satisfied with their response, you can talk to the Headteacher.

Please contact our school office to arrange a telephone conversation or meeting with the Headteacher.

If you wish to, you may write to the Headteacher using



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The School Office is only open during Term Time.


The opening hours are:


7.30am - 4.00pm Monday - Friday



We've had 4 0 0 5 6 visitors
School breaks up for Easter on Thursday 29th March at 3.15pm and we return on Monday 16th April at 8.30am