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Our curriculum has a focus on rigorous and stretchered teaching of the National Curriculum key skills and expectations in a layered approach throughout the school.

In response to the changes and expectations in the National Curriculum published in 2014, the staff at Turlin Moor Community School has developed a bespoke curriculum which recognises the uniqueness of our children and facilitates high quality teaching and learning.


Our approach to learning is based on questioning to develop, secure and deepen subject content.


By adopting this approach we aim to: -


Enable all learners to develop, secure and deepen their understanding of subject knowledge at an age appropriate level.
Give learners the skills and knowledge that they need to become successful learners for life.

Deliver a curriculum which meets the needs of our learners both now and in the future, developing their resilience, independence, and aspirations.

Provides for our learners a curriculum which encourages them to become respectful and good citizens.


Each Year groups Curriculum maps are listed below with an additional example of how we ensure all aspects are covered and built upon throughout their time at our school.





In Reception the Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage is followed. We have two reception classes and, although the children have their own class teacher, we do work very much as a team. Play is how young children learn so we follow the play based, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which helps the children to build on their skills and to develop a positive attitude to learning.


Our topic based curriculum curriculum allows the children to develop and practice basic skills in literacy and numeracy as well as developing both knowledge and skills in all areas of the

Our curriculum is built upon the basis that whenever possible learning is applied to a real life context.


The children explore a topic each half term, these are planned on a two year rolling program allowing us to provide a wide variety of topics.


Phonics and reading schemes


Jolly Phonics in FS, Letters and Sounds in KS1

Jolly Phonics and letters and sounds are both fun and child centred approaches to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. With actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children and teachers, who can see their students achieve.

Reading Books used by the school

PM reading books

PM of books feature over 1,000 accurately levelled fiction and nonfiction titles from levels
1–30, ensuring enjoyment and literacy success for children

Consistent throughout every series in the PM Family is the solid foundation of careful and meticulous levelling that PM is known for. On every page, specialized care is taken with the sentence structures, the choice of words, the clear well-spaced type, and with meaningful, accurate illustrations to ensure a gentle learning gradient for children.

Oxford Reading Tree reading books

The UK's number one reading program has inspired a love of reading in over 30 million children worldwide. With its well-loved characters, fine levelling and unrivalled support, Oxford Reading Tree gives you everything your children need to become confident readers.

Rigorous synthetic phonics teaching gives children a secure first step on their reading journey
Over 800 books provide a rich and varied choice of writing styles, genres and artwork styles at every level
Underpinned by Oxford Primary English Assessment so you can assess and ensure the progress of every child.


Rigby Star reading books

Specially built for success in Foundation and KS1 guided reading


Curriculum Map Year 1


Curriculum Map Year 2


Curriculum Map Year 3


Curriculum Map Year 4


Curriculum Map Year 5


Curriculum Map Year 6


Example of Subject Coverage Music Key Stage 2