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Turlin Moor Community School

High Expectations lead to High Achievers

Who’s Who

Executive Headteacher

Mrs A Prout


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs H Easthope

(Designated Safeguarding Lead)



Mrs J Chamberlain





Mrs S Hanney

Mrs L Bolton

Miss S Weeks


Year 1

Mrs N Taylor


Year 2

Mrs M Argent

Miss A Davies


Year 3 

Miss K Cantrill

Miss E Lunness


Year 4

Mrs S Heath

Miss H Constable

Mr A West


Year 5

Mrs K Kennedy


Year 6

Mr B Chaffey

Miss M Hawkins


Support Staff:


Inclusion Team Leader

Mrs C Moore


Senior Learning Mentor:

Miss H Constable


Learning Mentors:

Mrs H Colbert

Mr J Ballard


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs K Castle

Mrs M Chalkley

Mrs S Dean

Ms F Fielding

Mrs S Hall

Mrs M James

Mrs D Mason

Mrs L Middleton

Miss K Noble

Mrs E Stelling

Miss C Symes

Miss N Tetlow

Miss L Witherington

Miss E Perry


Pastoral Support Team:

Mrs C Smith

Miss C Maher


First Aiders:

Mrs J Chamberlain

Mrs M James

Mrs M Chalkley

Mrs H Colbert

Miss N Tetlow

Mr P Whitlock


IT Technician:

Mr G Broomfield


Finance Assistant:

Mrs E Turner


Administration Officer:

Mrs K Gardner



Miss J Sanders


Mid Day Supervisors:
Mrs W Llewellyn
Miss R Loewy
Mrs C Whitty

Mrs D Mulheran

Mrs J Stray


Site Manager:

Mr P Whitlock





If parents wish to contact any member of Staff please email or contact the School Office on 01202 685459 


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School breaks up for Easter on Thursday 29th March at 3.15pm and we return on Monday 16th April at 8.30am