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Turlin Moor Community School

High Expectations lead to High Achievers

Who’s Who


Mr Darren Marklew

(Trained to deal with safeguarding concerns)


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Hannah Easthope

(Trained to deal with safeguarding concerns)


Assistant Headteacher/SENCO & Inclusion

Mrs Susan Rickard

(Designated Safeguarding Lead)



Mrs J Chamberlain





Mrs S Hanney

Mrs L Bolton

Miss S Weeks


Year 1

Mrs N Taylor

Miss E Lunness



Year 2

Mrs M Argent

Miss A Davies


Year 3 

Miss K Cantrill

Miss J Penna


Year 4

Mr L Wright

Mrs S Heath

Mrs A Almond


Year 5

Mrs K Kennedy


Year 6

Mr B Chaffey

Miss M Hawkins


Support Staff:


Learning Mentors:

Miss H Constable

Mrs H Colbert

Mr J Ballard


Teaching Assistants:

Miss A Burridge

Mrs K Castle

Mrs M Chalkley

Mrs S Dean

Ms F Fielding

Mrs S Hall

Mrs M James

Mrs D Mason

Mrs L Middleton

Miss K Noble

Miss C Symes

Miss N Tetlow

Miss L Witherington



Pastoral Support Team:

Mrs C Smith

Mrs C Maher


First Aiders:

Mrs J Chamberlain

Mrs M James

Mrs M Chalkley

Miss H Colbert

Miss N Tetlow

Mr P Whitlock


IT Technician:

Mr G Broomfield


Finance Assistant:

Mrs E Turner


Administration Officers:

Mrs K Gardner

Miss J Sanders


Mid Day Supervisors:
Mrs W Llewellyn
Miss R Loewy
Miss E Stelling
Mrs C Whitty

Mrs D Mulheran

Mrs K Green


Site Manager

Mr P Whitlock



Mrs J Stray

Mrs M James

Miss E Stelling


If parents wish to contact any member of Staff please email or contact the School Office on 01202 685459 


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